30th April, 2000

Inter official picture Inter official pictureHere are 2 Inter official pictures of Baggio in last Saturday's Inter-Bari match.

29th April, 2000

This Sunday Inter will travel to play against Perugia. As predicted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Baggio will probably start in the bench again, since Zamorano is back from injury.
Surely Baggio will leave Inter at the end of this season when his contract expires, so I added a new question in the "Vote" section. Here is the question: "Where would you like to see Baggio heading to at the end of this season?" Click here and vote for your preference.
On the other hand, there is a new Baggio site named "Roberto Baggio Mania", Stella is the webmaster. Remember in 1997, there were only 3 Roby sites, but now there are over 20 and keep coming.
Here is the URL: http://www.geocities.com/robibaggio_10/

26th April, 2000

Associated Press picture Associated Press pictureHere are 2 Associated Press pictures of Baggio in the charity match.
Also, there is a new wallpaper designed by Daniel Ng, click here.

26th April, 2000

FIFA World Stars XI beat Bosnia national team by 1-0, Baggio wore the number 10 jersey, and played the whole 90 minutes, with Dunga captaining the team. Roby scored the winning goal for the World Stars in the 83rd minute from the penalty spot.
Below are 4 Reuters pictures of Baggio in that match. Worth a notice, the person talking to him in the last picture is Platini, the ex-French international who played in Juventus before as a play-maker in the 1980s, then many people believed that Baggio would be his successor in the 1990s.
There is a news article about Baggio, titled "Baggio laments decline of Italian soccer". Click here.
Reuters picture Reuters picture Reuters picture Reuters picture

26th April, 2000

Here are 4 Reuters pictures of Baggio attending a ceremony for Bosnian orphans. In the first 3 pictures he is with Dunga of Brazil, while in the last one he is shaking hand with Alija Izetbegovic, a member of the Bosnian collective Presidency.
Reuters picture Reuters picture Reuters picture Reuters picture

25th April, 2000

La Gazzetta dello Sport pictureIn today's "Football for Peace" charity match played in Bosnia, according to FIFA technical director Walter Gagg, ex-Brazil-captain Dunga would captain the FIFA World Stars XI from the beginning, then in the second half he would probably be replaced by Roby Baggio, who would lead the team afterward.
The La Gazzetta dello Sport picture here was taken when Baggio was celebrating Blanc's goal on Saturday.
There are 2 new wallpapers, they were designed by Hamad Namlah from Saudi Arabia, click here.

23rd April, 2000

RAI Sport pictureAnother picture of Baggio in the Inter-Bari match, from RAI Sport.
On Tuesday Roby will travel to Bosnia to play the charity game for the FIFA World Star. While Zoff's Italian national team will play Portugal on Wednesday, which means Baggio will not be playing for the Azzurri.
There are 3 new wallpapers designed by Daf. Click here.

23rd April, 2000

Reuters pictureSome details about the match between Inter and Bari. Baggio was in starting line-up with Recoba, Baggio sort of assisted Inter's first goal while scoring the third in the 50th minute. Zamorano went on for Recoba after 53 minutes, while Roby played for 80 minutes, then was substituted by Colonnese. RAI Sport gave him 6, which was the same for Recoba and Seedorf.
The picture above is a Reuters picture.

23rd April, 2000

Here is another goal movie of Baggio's goal from RAI Sport, in Mpeg format. It's the same as the QuickTime one, but in better quality. Click here. Below are 3 RAI Sport pictures.
RAI Sport picture RAI Sport picture RAI Sport picture

23rd April, 2000

Here is a goal movie of Baggio's goal in QuickTime format. It's been a long time since we saw him scoring from outside the box. The goal movie is from Inter official site. Click here.

23rd April, 2000

Inter 3-0 Bari. Baggio started the match and played for 80 minutes, and he scored the third goal for Inter. Stay tune for more stuff about this match.

22nd April, 2000

Today Inter will play Bari at the San Siro Stadium. Zamorano is injuried and is expected to start on the bench, also Mutu is suspended, so Baggio will probably be in the starting line-up partnering Recoba. Last time when Roby started a Serie A match was 2 months ago, in the away match against Piacenza, and Inter won that match. After that Inter only managed 2 wins out of 8 league games.

21st April, 2000

I just said there weren't much news about Roby, then here comes one. Yesterday Baggio told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he would play for some more years, while he hadn't decided where he would go at the end of this season. Napoli could be a possible choice, and that Baggio's agent Vittorio Petrone had had contact with Napoli. But the basic condition under which Roby may move to there is that the team is able to promote to Serie A next season.

20th April, 2000

Thanks to Marcus WalkinNot much news about Baggio these days, but I can still manage to update this page here with something that you may be interested in. Firstly, as you see all the pictures in this update, the one to the left is a graphic made by Marcus Walkin, webmaster of Roberto Baggio 2000, where you will find some great stuff about Roby, so take some time to explore the nice-design site! And all the pictures below were scanned by Marcus. Thank you very much Marcus!
Secondly, there is a new wallpaper, which was designed by Daf of The Power of Roby, thanks alot Daf! Click here to get the wallpaper.
Last but not least, it's about Baggio's teammate Ronaldo. Costia Guller, webmaster of Ronaldo the soccer legend, is now having a campaign to support the injuried Ronaldo by collecting e-mails from around the world. If you are interested in supporting the Brazillian international, follow this link.
Thanks to Marcus Walkin Thanks to Marcus Walkin Thanks to Marcus Walkin Thanks to Marcus Walkin Thanks to Marcus Walkin

18th April, 2000

Inter official pictureHere is an official Inter picture of Baggio playing in the first leg of Coppa Italia final against Lazio on last Wednesday.

17th April, 2000

Inter lost 1-2 to Juventus at home. Baggio watched this soccer match for free, on the bench, while his teammates struggling with another lost, which saw them without a win in 7 games after the Milan derby. Now they are in the 6th place in Serie A, it's very unlikely that they can win a place for next season's European Champions League. On the other hand, they are one match away from the trophy of Coppa Italia, but it won't be an easy game even it's played at the San Siro Stadium, as we had seen how they lost points when playing Bologna, Reggina and Juventus at this home ground, where they only got 2 points from these 3 matches.

14th April, 2000

Associated Press pictureThis Associated Press picture here is another one that features the celebration between Seedorf and Baggio.

14th April, 2000

On Sunday, Inter will play Juventus at the San Siro Stadium, which is probably their last big game of this season in Serie A. As predicted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Recoba and Zamorano may return to the starting line-up, with Baggio back to the bench again.
On the other hand, the second leg of Coppa Italia final is confirmed to be played on 20 May.
Well, I designed 2 new wallpaper, click here to take a look.
Wallpaper Wallpaper

13th April, 2000

La Gazzetta dello Sport pictureA correction, the second leg of Coppa Italia final will be played on either 18 or 20 May, but not 16, I apologize for this mistake that I made.
The picture here is from La Gazzetta dello Sport, Seedorf celebrates his goal with Baggio.

13th April, 2000

RAI Sport pictureSurprisingly, Baggio was in the starting line-up when Inter travelled to Lazio to play the first leg match of Coppa Italia final, he partnered with Mutu, while both Zamorano and Recoba were on the bench. Roby was substituted by Zamorano in the second half, but Recoba didn't play at all. Another thing was about Baggio's another teammate Ronaldo, who came back from a knee injury last night, but injuried his knee again during the match, which saw him taken out on a stretcher. Inter lost by 1-2, but this away goal is very important, which was scored by Seedorf. The second leg match will be played on 16 May at Inter's home San Siro Stadium.

10th April, 2000

As reported in FIFA web site, there will be a "Football for Peace" match played between FIFA World Stars and the national team of Bosnia-Herzegovina on 25th April. Baggio is confirmed to be in the squad, while his Inter Milan teammate Ronaldo is still in consideration.

9th April, 2000

Inter were beaten by Udinese by an awful score of 0-3, and the worst thing was that all 3 goals were scored by 1 single player. Zamorano and Recoba started the match, while Udinese got 2 goals in the first half, then Lippi put Seedorf in from the bench in the second half, then in the 58th minute, Baggio was in. So at that time Inter was of a very attacking formation, but the match ended up with 1 more goal scored by Udinese. Remember last season, when Inter travelled to Udinese, Inter won by 1 goal, that goal was scored by Ronaldo while assisted by Roby. Click here to take a look at this goal.
Now Inter hasn't won in 5 matches, while Baggio started all 5 games from the bench. And whenever Inter were behind, you will see him coming out from the substitution bench, but which is usually in the middle of the second half. Now we shouldn't blame anyone though, because Baggio himself is not blaming on anyone.
Anyway, the coming Wednesday Inter will play the first leg of Coppa Italia final, they are away to Lazio. In which Ronaldo is expected to be back at least to the bench. Well, Baggio is expected to be on the bench anyway...

3rd April, 2000

In the match between Inter and Reggina, Lippi used 3 out of 4 available forward players from the beginning, but surprisingly Baggio was the one who was left out, he sat in the substitution bench and watched Recoba, Zamorano and Mutu playing. Even when Lippi chose to play 3 forwards at a time, he didn't use Baggio. Next week Ronaldo is expected to return to the field, Roby may not even have the chance to involve in the upcoming matches. If this continues to be the case, Baggio's chance of playing for Italy in Euro2000 will diminish, which is probably his last opportunity of playing for his country.
Well, there are 2 new wallpaper added, they were designed by a Baggio supporter, click here to take a look.

3rd April, 2000

Inter's hope for Serie A is over, as they were held to a 1-1 draw by Reggina at the San Siro Stadium. Recoba scored in the first half. Baggio substituted him in the middle of the second half when the score was still 1-0.

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